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    • "If I had your exam simulator before I sat my exam, I would have known that I was going to fail, which I did.I finally passed on your simulator, after a lot more work, and then flew the official exam, should have contacted you earlier tony." Thanks,┬áDamien
    • Tony, I finally knuckled down and did enough with your help to pass, thanks. Patrick
    • Tony, it was hard for me to study in college and at home, this system works and I got there. James
    • A good site if you are working as it has a good structure to it and well laid out questions, it got me a pass, happy days, April 2015. Ronan Mullaney
    • I struggled to get back into the studying when I had the 2 P6 exams to repeat, it was a big task for me and I would not have had a chance without your revision courses. The happy results arrived today, Thanks a million. Michael Doherty. Jan 2016
    • I am one of these mature electricians who missed out on one of my practical exams in the 1980's. Thanks to yourself I managed to claw my way back through the system and get the damm papers. Thanks again for the free advice. Limerick sparks and proud grandfather.
    • Omg Tony thank you so much for everything I really appreciate your help, it had nothing to do with me he wouldn't have passed without your help. I hope he can get through the rest of his apprenticeship and get on with his career ! Thanks again Tony (Mother)
    • Found the revision programme very helpful along with the help from Tony, coulden't have passed otherwise, thanks again. Padraig (25/1/20)